Special Paste for Mridangam "Thoppi" is available with us that produces excellent bass effect.

No trouble of carrying Rava, Wheat flour or Semolina powder and mixing it with water!!! 
  There is a special Paste/Gum available with us. Contact us for the Paste/Gum that maintain its viscosity and does not change its form even after applying on "thoppi" and left open in air. 
   The paste is soft and gentle. It is white in colour. This special paste is user friendly for mridangists that gives excellent bass effect and easy playing with "Gamaka effect". Applying the paste is easy. One can apply, add or remove it with ease and store it for future use also. This special Paste is very much the best and superior to play-dough or clay. This paste is available with the Maestro Sriram Venkataraman. For any query regarding Special Paste/Gum send a mail to the maestro by clicking here

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