Mridangam is both an art and science. The musical sound produced by using proper fingering techniques is itself a science. In other words it is a science of art. Fingering techniques are very much defined to produce desired sound which is called "Nadham". The nuances of this science must be applied practically to give a musical effect which is called "Art". In the same way, the way the mridangam is to be tuned is the first important art and science, as all our efforts of playing the instrument successfully depends on it. If it is not tuned correctly, even a maestro would not produce the desired effect of musical sound. So, one must ensure that the "Black Patch" ("sadham" in Tamil) is applied properly by a mridangam artisan and the straps to be tightened. Then it must be tuned to the desired "Sruthi" (Pitch). One needs experience of several years to master tuning by trial and error method till one attains proficiency in tuning mridangam with ease. In the home page you have read about Meetu and chaapu nadham for which the lesson "Na Thin Thin Na" is apt for demonstration. The audio player below will play 1 Avarthana (8 counts) of "Na Thin Thin Na".
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The theory part explained in the web side must be applied practically by learning this art from a "Guru". There is a difference between a Teacher and a Guru". If you are really interested in learning mridangam, I would recommend generally learning it directly from a "Guru" (Maestro). I receive several request from people all over the world for online practical lessons. I assume that you must have learned this art to some extent and you are seeking additional online lessons. For addtional online lessons, please visit our website: Since 1993, at my place, I have been training my disciples to perform in a professional way established as "LAYAVIDHYAMANDHIR" at Chennai, India. Right from beginning level to a professional level one can learn this art in detail at this place. I am a disciple of great musician Shri. T.V.Gopalakrishnan, who is a multi faceted personality having in-depth knowledge in Music. My Guru tradition is as follows. My gurus are (Three maestros):   1. Palakadu Shri. Hariharan's Gopalakrishnan   2. Layavadhya Siromani Shri. T.V. Balu   3. Sangeetha Samrat Dr. Prof. Shri. T.V. Gopalakrishnan
Mridangam art must be learnt with dedication from heart, That is why it is called "heart".If you want to learn this art, visit   where, Adi Tala, Rupaka Tala, Kanda chapu Tala, Misra chapu Tala, Kanda Eka Tala ..... are available.

For direct training and classes, please visit "contact" page on top menu and send your message to me and get further the details.
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