Graham: The place in a tala where the song begins is called "Graham". This is also known as "Eduppu". Eduppu means "starting Point". Eduppu can be two ways. One is "Samam" and the other is "Vishamam". When a song begins at the first beat of a tala, it is Samam. When song begins either before or after the stroke of tala, it is Vishamam. So, Vishamam can further be classified into two. They are,
(a).Athitham: When the song begins first and that is followed by tala beat later, it is called "Athitha Eduppu".
(b) Anaagatham: When a tala begins first and the song follows it later, it is called "Anaagatha Eduppu".
In a song there can be both Athitham and Anaagatham, where it is called "Usi".
6. Jaathi: Jaathi is used to calculate the Akshara in a tala. "Lagu" part of a tala depends on this Jaathi and its counts (Aksharas) vary according to the Jaathi. There are five jaathis.
1. Chatusram - 4 Akshara Counts
2. Thrisram (also spelled as Trisram) - 3 Akshara Counts
3. Misram - 7 Akshara Counts
4. Khandam (also spelled as Kandam) - 5 Akshara Counts
5. Sankeernam (also spelled as Sankirnam) - 9 Akshara Counts
Please Note: Spellings of the "technical names", for example, "Lagu" and "Laghu", convey the same meaning only. Do not think they are "Mis-Spelt". This explanation applies to all technical terms. There is a difference in a way an article is published in a book and in the web. The different spellings are used to enable all to access the site easily through a network. The interpretation of the technical names or technical terms and the concept explained in this site can easily be understood, if one introspects and explores the subtle nature of the universe. For the correct spellings please refer to the "Glossary of Technical Terms". In the "Glossary" original spellings are furnished. Example: For the term Kaakapaadha, the original spelling is Kakapada. For Jaathi, the original spelling is Jati and so on..
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