What is Prana of Music? and How many Prana aspects are there?

We have already seen that Pranas are Dynamic subtle force of nature inherent in the universe in all aspects. Mridangam is no exception and the beauty of mridangam music depends on this prana. While playing mridangam one has to keep in mind the nuances of the music to produce proper "Naatham". This is Prana of music. There are five pranas of mridangam.
1. Nandhakosham}
2. Naadhakosham}
Both Nandhakosham and Naadhakosham imply
that one has to play mridangam in clear and expressive way that is equal to swaras.
3. Sukosham: Playing mridangam in a very sweet and soft way that is equal to swaras is Sukosham.
4. Thaalam (Tala): Playing mridangam with Layam is Thaalam.
5. Thaanam: Playing mridangam with Proper sruthi (pitch) is Thaanam.

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